Our Mission is to increase production and commercial crop chain incomes by offering advisory services on their production and marketing as well as to provide traceability and management control services through Agtrace – food and all its alliances.

Our Vision is that agricultural production becomes part of a chain which starts in the field and ends on any supermarket shelf around the world. Productive and commercial food production planning is the key to reach this goal.



Chickpea project aims to overcome chill factor

Chickpea project aims to overcome chill factor

SCIENTISTS have embarked on the next phase of research to give grain growers better access to chilling tolerant chickpea varieties and extend the footprint to grow the crop in Australia. The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is delivering the...

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Production advice

We work on production increase strategies through diagnosis, analysis and subsequent implementation of the suggested business solutions in order to achieve higher profitability.

Comercial advice

We provide commercial advice, offering commercial strategies which will lead to the development of customized business plans created according to each client’s needs.

Research and development

We search for new productive areas which will help achieve a unique advantage regarding the number of available planting windows to successfully produce special crops. Likewise, we carry out productive trials and evaluate varieties, as well as crop residues.